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Vocke & Li Organic Tea Farm is located under Dulan Mountain in Taitung. 
A Taiwanese diplomat, a senior US professor, and a local farmer, strive for a healthier lifestyle.

Vocke & Li
Organic Tea Farm

In the shadow of Dulan Mountain, nestled in the Ruiyuan Hills, nature thrives. Pheasants run through  the tea, rabbits nibble leaves, egrets hunt insects, and birds-of-prey circle overhead. This beautiful natural setting makes worthwhile our years of effort in organic farming.


Hunting for a healthier lifestyle, the professor and the diplomat fell in love with Taitung, captured by the beauty, fresh air, clear skies, unspoiled vistas, and cultural traditions. Having traveled around the world, no place or taste surpassed what they found in Ruiyuan.


At the harvest time, tea pickers focus on the heart+two-leaves at the tip while leafhoppers awaken the dreams in the tea. This is the essence behind the mellow flavor and fruity aroma of golden Taiwan Oolong Tea. The organic symbiosis of nature produces a robust freshness for this healthy, satisfying tea.

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